It looks like at long last I'm going to get approval this week to finally upgrade our GroupWise from 6.5 to 2012. But my CEO asked today "so are we finally going to be able to sync calendar, task and notes to iPad and iPhones without some seperate sync software and are we going to be able have the ics files we receive come in to our calendars". We currently use Companion Link for the calendar (sync with google calendar and set google calendar as the default on iOS) and ics files are useless to us currently.

So WILL we be able to do these things? I know I can do pop3 or imap (is there a GW app?) but calendar? notes and tasks? I see there is some data syncronizer program but I'm hoping I don't need yet another piece of software (as well as it looks like it works with sharepoint which we aren't using).