I've completed the construction of an OES 11 SP1/SLES 11 SP2 server with ZENworks 11 SP2, Updated to 11.2.1/11.2.2 via the manual update method. I'm preparing to install the ZENworks Reporting Server, but I'm hesitant due to the fact that the ZEN Reporting Server 11.2 installation guide tells me that the requirements to install the reporting software stop at SLES 11 SP1 (well, that coupled with the fact that the installation media is named "ZENworks11SP1_Reporting_Lin", which doesn't sound like SP2) .

I've initially launched the installation process via setup.sh, but I'm receiving input/output errors when executing the command. The exact error is: "/media/iso/Install/Disk1/InstData/Linux/VM/install.bin: /media/iso/Install/Disk1/InstData/Linux/VM/install.bin: Input/Output error". I will download the iso again and double check the md5sum to be sure of the integrity of the download.

The most important set of questions I'd like to ask are: (1) Is this version of the reporting software incompatible with the environment I've built? (2) If the answer to (1) is "yes", when will Novell be releasing a compatible version for this environment?

Of course, if anyone has seen the error I mentioned earlier and would like to save me some time downloading another copy, I'd be happy to listen to your experience and potential solution.