I recently updated ZCM 11 sp1 to version 11 sp2 (running on SLES 11 sp2) and once the upgrade was finished everything appeared to be working correctly.

Now, 2 days in and none of our users are able to authenticate via the Zenworks Agent. They get the error "Unable to log into the network because the login credentials or the server certificate is incorrect".

We've gone over the settings for the User Source and ensured that all the connections were working and they appear to be correct.

We have changed connections on the User Source and even switched off SSL on the chance that it this problem might be cause by a corrupt certificate. After restarting the server we noticed that the /etc/CASA/authtoken/svc/iaRealms.xml file has our old connection information listed and it doesn't get updated when the services are restarted. This is as close as we've manged to get to a clue as to the nature of this problem.

Any advice would be appreciated.