I am working on a clientless windows 7 environment. I setup Domain Services for Windows and have all Novell servers being accessed via CIFS. I even have the ZCM 11 working the way I want it to.
The only wrinkle is GroupWise. We currently have GW 8.0.3 (but will eventually goto 2012 in the near future). I need to have GroupWise login without asking for a password. GW credentials are setup via LDAP and sync'd to edirectory passwords. ZEN does not seem to have any problem with this. But GW will always request a password. I have gotten the setup to the point where, if you login once, the password is cached and then you can close and open GW without a pw prompt. But I would like to make it so that the GW client knows that the user is authenticated to edirectory (via DSfW domain) and be able to bypass the pw request.

Can it be done?