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Thread: PXE Imaging works locally but not across subnets

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    PXE Imaging works locally but not across subnets

    ZCM and DHCP server are on separate servers on the same subnet. PXE imaging works fine if the machine is on the same subnet. DHCP addressing works fine on all separate vlan subnets.

    Core switch is a 3com 5500 with all vlans configured to relay DHCP to the IP's of the DHCP box and ZCM11. When I try PXE booting from a different vlan, I get a message saying "ProxyDHCP offers were received. No DHCP offers were received". I'm assuming it's a network issue since it works on the same subnet fine but everything I've read says to configure relaying for the DHCP and ZCM box and everything should work.

    Does the ProxyDHCP need to be pointed to my DHCP box in a conf file somewhere on the ZCM box or am I misunderstanding how the ProxyDHCP actually functions?
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