I've a problem with addind a CIFS-share on a SLES 11 Sp1 OES2 machine.

When I'm starting the process ther comes an eror "The user does not have the correct credentials for authentification at CIMOM-client.

On the machine no /etc/nam.conf file is present.
Than I started yast novell-lum
Here is a problem with ldap. It is unable to browse the configured server. With the normal browser in yast I can see all I need.
Which services are neccessary here to add CIFS-shares via iManager? I start only with sfcb.
On writung the setting comes an error:
Unable to connect to LDAP server <ip-address> or the specified user does not have enough privilegues to configure LUM. Error returned is127:UNKNOWN_ERROR
Unable to LUM add/modify myadmingroup
Unable to LUM add/modify user

Any ideas.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Best regards.

Dirk Emmermacher