I'm having a little trouble wrapping my head around what will happen and what it will look like if I put an OES11 SP1 server in my tree with all of my other OES2 SP2 server using the older CIFS and AFP proxy user. As you all know, OES2 SP2 uses a sperate CIFS and AFP proxy user, and the as of OES 2 SP3/OES11 (SP1) there is now a COMMON PROXY user..what I am wondering, is what happens if I build one of my smaller sites that needs an OES server, on OES 11 SP1, and bring it into the tree with the oes2 sp2 users...specifically my MASTER is also OES2 SP2, with the older CIFS and AFP proxy users, asd all of my other servers use this too..how does that NEW OES11 SP1 server with a common proxy user interact with the cifs in edir, on those old servers? Can that server still be added to the CIFS proxy user password policy, and internact with the directory and all those older proxy users, if it has the new Common Proxy User? How does that work, what does it look like...and..who has done it?