Strange problem with NetStorage. If I log in to NetStorage on Server A I get a listing of my drives from my login script and have no problems accessing any of them. If I log in to Server B I also get a listing of my drives and can access all of them except for the drives on Server A. When I try to access them I get the following error: "NetStorage encountered an error while trying to access this location." Anyone have any ideas on what could be causing the problem?

Here's the particulars:

Server A
OES2 sp3 on SLES 10
Internal Network

Server B
OES2 sp1 on SLES 10
DMZ Network

At first I thought this might be a firewall port issue so I had my network guy open ports 80, 443, and 51080 from server B to server A. Didn't fix the problem.

I have been searching the forums for an answer but, have not found one that helps for this situation. Thanks in advance for your help.