I'm using NetStorage on a SLES10 sp4 server with OES2 SP3 installed. I would like to publish a CIFS-share from a Windows-server to my users in NetStorage.
This Windows-server is a 64-bit Windows 2008 R2-server and is not member of an Active Directory-domain, so it is a workgroup-server.

I've created a new storage-location and assigned this to users. When I try to access this location in NetStorage I get the following error:

Severity : Error
Function : CIFS
Message : Unsuccessful
Code : 0xC7B20001

The user logging in eDirectory has a user-account on the Windows 2008 R2-server with the same username and password.

When trying to connect to the same CIFS share from my SLES-host, this works fine (same user as above)

I've tried searching for an error in the log files, in /var/log/messages , catalina.out and cifs.log but doesn't find anything about this issue here.

Can anyone help me out?

Thanks in advance,