Hello Guys!

I only want to share my knowledge for people that are running in this issue.

In GW Client (tested with 2012 and 2012SP1) We have configured a IMAP Mailbox that is hosted on an remote exchange server. So we are able to manage this remote mailbox from multiple workstations.

I dont know exactly when this issue has begun for us but it has something to do with upgrading to GW2012 and/or updating the exchange. And since then we have some issues with corrupt attachments we got from this IMAP account.

Strange was that some attachments were working and others were corrupt and that thunderbird has no problems with these attachments. So after tracing this down with novell support it seems that the exchange sevrer reports a wrong filesize to the client. Novell support told me that this is not a problem of the GW client.

Anyway after setting the parameter "EnableExactRFC822Size" on the exchange site has solved our issues.

Have a nice day.