Windows 7
Latest client 2 Sp1 IR5

Using Sage 50 Accounts software (NO Anti-Viruis installed for testing)

Install Windows 7
Access Sage via CIFS - no problem seen, speed good.

Install Novell Client - default setting (i.e at this point True Commit,
Caching off is NOT set)
performance drops - some operations such as edit prices in price books take
over a minute.... yes over a minute
with CIFS it takes 2 secs!!!

Sage can't help - its a NETWORK problem.
Well, I guess it is !

** NOTE: **
NO AntiVirus
NO True Commit etc...

The ONLY difference is Novell client IS installed !!!

Problem is we have an application that does not work with Novell client on
the machine !
(we don't use True commit etc)