I am playing around with the Wake on LAN options in Zenworks, as well as the launch scheduling for bundles. i like this alot.

What I am wanting to ultimately have the ability to do is to wake on LAN, have the windows machines login, and when they do, bundles that I have scheduled to launch immediately on login will kick off, and then I will use Zen to shut everyone down.

My problem is, we encrypt our laptops with McAfee Endpoint Encryption which you have to authenticate at first before the computer boots. No problem, i have a command to bypass that process. however, I come to the Windows login screen. i don't want to have to manually login to every computer, but instead have a bundle that will run a script to login automatically as the domain administrator.

I know you can create a bundle to run a script, but is there a way via Zenworks to get past that windows login so that i can install program updates?