I am testing/learning OES 11 sp1 and did a clean install in a virtual machine using the integrated SLES11/OES11 dvd. It seems that maybe something is wrong with the build as I noticed that there is no ssscfg executable in /usr/sbin. I checked whether or not the service was installed and found that the novell-sss package is listed in YaST as installed and all the files listed in the rpm are present on the server. What is interesting/weird and possibly an indication of why it is broken is that the file list does not include /usr/sbin/ssscfg. Also there is an entry for /opt/novell/eDirectory/sbin - that is is it, just the directory but not files are listed in the rpm that belong in that directory.

So I'm not sure if this is broken by design or if it just me :-). Would you, dear reader, mind checking your clean install of "OES 11 sp1 addon with SLES 11 sp2" integrated DVD to see if has the same issue?