Hello Everyone

I just completed installing version 1.2.4 of the mobility pack and am doing
some testing using a Samsung Galaxy Note II.

The device syncs fine but when I sent email messages to anyone in our system
the "from" header is screwed up.

So lets say my name is Tony Tiger, username/accountID is TTiger and when
setting up the account on the phone I used somedomain\TTiger in the
address/username field.

When I send a email to someone within our GroupWise System the Display name
in the From Header reads
Tony Tiger TTiger

But if I send the same message to my Exchange Server at home using the same
phone the headers display correctly

From: Tony Tiger

This will occur whether or not any GroupWise Address Books are sync'ed to
the phone or not.

Ne1 have a idea on why this might be?

Thanks in Advance.