We have just restored our primary 10.3.3 server as a VM and have it pointing to a copy of the production DB running on a separate SQL server. The restored VM has a different name and IP as the current 10.3.3 primary but the same GUID (I also created a dns entry). When i start services on the restored server, it takes over the object in the ZenWorks Control Center (changes name and IP). I have edited the xml file to point to the test server to the test DB (same name/user, diff server). Does anyone know how to change the GUID on the test server or do I need to uninstall ZCM and reinstall? Would it be best to start over with a new test DB and zone also? This is going to be used to test the upgrade to 11.2 as well as pushing out 11.2 clients that will be registered in this test environment.

any ideas?