Due to lack of support for DMS within Groupwise I need to think about moving
DMS to Vibe.

From those who have experience of Vibe... is this is the right way to go or
should we be looking at other systems?

Our DMS use is "Basic" - people create all sort sof documents - Letters,
Quotes, Reports, Notes, Leaflet, Book, Manual...

There is NO "Project" concept.

Users store these documents as necessary - more of a Filing Cabinet than per
Job or Project
although in some cases there will be Project or Job involved

Some will store in Customers folder ie. Cust A other will store them in
Customers > NASA > Week 40 > This weeks misson to Mars! etc.

haven't got around to installing Vibe 3.3 yet - seems to be super
complicated with various components, databases etc to install and configure

Any comments / recommedations would be appreciated