Not so about imaging, but ... during ZCM agent deployment is written also image safe data onto disk. Now, when I need to put this disk (once being used on ZCM-belonged device and having image safe data on it) into another device then what is the better way to clear old device image safe data from disk. Apparently formatting disk is not enough, of course. And I need to accomplish this before installing operating system, because - as I have experience with ZCM 10.3 on this - as soon ZCM server "knows" about this disk/device it could mess up in database using info from this image safe area, am I correct? So, I put this disk into computer (not connected to network), boot from CD/DVD ...? Is Imaging BootCD good enough?
Yes, there is a lot of Google-info, but ... just to be sure and clear on this one.
More thanks, Alar.