Hi all: Well my normal zcm upgrade went south on me again (seems every time something goes wrong). Now, before I explain what happened, I need to explain our server structure. We run our primary server on an OES2 sp3 server. When the server was originally setup I thought I supplied plenty of space for / and /var, not knowning how much space zcm wants. To get around a lack of space on /var I moved content-repo to another volume and created a symlink to it. This works just fine. However, I then began to run out of space under /opt, and moved the zcm install directory to another volume and created another symlink. This worked well until now.

So I ran the 11.2.2 upgrade yesterday and everything appeared to go find except for the rebuilding of the packages, which failed. Novell tech thinks it is due to the symlink to the install directory. So last night I spent some time and added space to both / and /var, now at 25 and 11 GB free space respectively. I then moved the install directory back to its original location. I then deleted the 11.2.2 upgrade and re-imported it hoping this would clear things up, but alas the rebuild process continues to fail.

So, if you have followed along to this point, do you have any suggestions how I can fix this problem?

Thanks much, Chris.