DS 1.2.4
GroupWise 8.03

I need a little help on this one.

I have a user who at one time was connected to my first mobility server. Over time, his context changed and he was moved to my 3rd mobility server ( I had nothing to do with this)
This user now exists on my third Mobility server with the correct context. HOWEVER in my configengine logs on the first mobility server I see several errors staing that this user does not exist.

Upon investigation(I use LDAP for Auth, and Groups for each server) I can not find this user in my First Mobility Group in e-Dir, he is however in my 3rd group in e-dir with the correct context.

On my first mobility server, I can not find this user under the Mobility connector, HOWEVER I do find him under the GroupWise connector with the wrong context. My questions are as follows:

1. why am I getting LDAP errors for this user when he does not exist in the group, or on the Mobility connector.

2. How do I delete this user from the GroupWise connector (this is the only place he exists)

Thank you