I am running Groupwise 8.0.3 and have a concern regarding a statistic that is displayed on the "Status" screen of the POA's Web Console.

Near the bottom of the status screen are two statistics, "Number of Mass Purge Jobs" & "Number of Items under Mass Purge". The statistics
are constantly increasing and never appear to decrease. The number of "Items under Mass Purge" is well into the millions.

I have been working under the assumption that these represent a queue of items awaiting to be purged and are indicating some sort of problem. However, I'm now wondering if these are just counters for items already purged and do not represent items in queue.

Could anyone provide additional insight into what these two statistics actually represent? Does a steady climb in these values represent
items awaiting purge that are queuing up or are they simply counters indicating the number of jobs and items successfully purged?