I am using the getItemsRequest on the System Address Book for fetching all email addresses for a user.
I am filtering with field=uuid , op=eq, and value=[the uuid of the user object].
I have the view specified as "default AllEmails".

If the uuid exists, I seem to always get one item returned in the response. (Which is what I am expecting.)

However, if the uuid doesn't exist, I also get one item returned!
It seems to be the login user from connecting as the trusted app, but this might be an incorrect assumption.
Shouldn't the filter with the op being eq prevent this?

Has anyone else had this happen or a simular issue?

Also can anyone imagine a senario where there would be more than one item (Contact) returned?
I can't seem to imagine this since I set the container to the SAB.

My current workaround is checking the id field from the (Contact) item returned to see if it begins with the uuid I am looking for.
This is not really an issue for the functioning of my application, however I am concerned about such behavior when dealing with other item types. (for example appointments)