We are running ZCM adaptive agent on a Windows 7 enterprise x64 SP1 WS. I can't get the start menu folder to appear off the start menu. I have read Novell TID 7005032 and downloaded twice the patch from MS (Windows6.1-KB980994-x64.msu) and run it manually on the WS but it says that it is not applicable to this WS. The MS TID says that this should only apply to Shell32.dll version 6.1.7600.20671 or earlier. My shell32.dll version is 6.1.7601.17859.
I've checked and HKLM\Software\NetWare\NAL has the reg value EnalbeStartMenuView with the value set to 0x00000001.

I am assuming that I should see the folder off the "Start | All Programs" menu, not just the "Start" menu, is that correct?

What should the folder name be?

What should I look for to troubleshoot this?