Hello -

Have a need to migrate NW 6.5 / SP8 server to VM. Will be using Portlock app to do so. Portlock has requirement of running checks on NSS vols prior to migration/image. DOS partition and SYS are fine, but I'm sure VOL1 (data / 1.6tb) volume has some issues and I don't want to risk any (more) damage with a rebuild.

So my plan is to migrate C: / SYS with Portlock and restore VOL1 data/trustees from tape, as we're getting good backups. Some questions:

- how do I handle the VOL1 issue/edir object? I'm assuming this: I'll delete the VOL1 volume object in eDir and create on new VM with NSSMU, then migrate data. But...
- is there an 'ID' of some sorts on the volume that will get lost when deleting/recreating?
- what are the implications of that? (if any)
- how do I get new volume object into eDir?
- any more to it?

I'm fairly confident C:/SYS will migrate fine and run OK, as we've done some prelim testing with Portlock. The server being migrated also holds the master replica.

So new VM would now be in production, eDir, etc., minus the data volume. If we run into an issue restoring VOL1 data from tape, and we need to fail back to original server, what would be involved with that? I hoping this would not be the case, as we've also done some test restores and all is well. Just want to have backup plan.