Hello all
Hope someone can confirm the following for me:
We currently have DNS running on multiple Netware 6.5 SP8 servers in the school district. I would like to setup a OES 11 DNS server to run alongside the Netware DNS servers (eventually retiring the Netware ones later)...I currently have a few OES 10/11 servers in the tree (one running iPrint and one running Novell Kanaka for Mac).. I would create another OES 11 server for this DNS..

1) During the install of DNS, can I simply point the installer to the current DNS locater object and group in the tree ??
2) Can the Netware and OES 11 servers both reference the same locator and group objects ?
3) Does the Schema need to be extended for this first OES DNS server ??
4) Can I still use the DNS-DHCP Console application to manage DNS ?? (I see there is a OES 11 Linux tab on the DNS-DHCP console application but it is grayed out

Thanks for any help you can offer or any known "gotcha's" you may know about