Hi All,

My client is using GroupWise 7.0.3.
We want to get the dropdown list custom field data of document, but the XML file cannot fully record all corresponding custom field data by using "getItemRequest".

For example:

GroupWise Client - Document 1 :
Dropdown list custom field 1: aaa
Sub dropdown list custom field 1-1 of custom field 1: aab
Sub dropdown list custom field 1-2 of custom field 1: aac

Dropdown list custom field 2: bbb
Sub dropdown list custom field 2-1 of custom field 2: bbc
Sub dropdown list custom field 2-2 of custom field 2: bbd
Sub dropdown list custom field 2-3 of custom field 2: (Empty data)

XML recording - Document 1:

<custom type="String">
<field>custom field 1</field>
<custom type="String">
<field>custom field 1-1</field>
<custom type="String">
<field>custom field 2-1</field>
<custom type="Numeric">
<field>custom field 2-3</field>

In my program, i just call "getItemRequest" and export the response to XML

                WebReference.getItemRequest req = new WebReference.getItemRequest();
                WebReference.getItemResponse resp;
                string outPath = @"c:\GW\"
                string FileName = filename.toString();
                req.id = doc.ID;
                req.view = "View";
                resp = ws.getItemRequest(req);
                if (0 == resp.status.code)
                    if (null != resp.item)
                        ObjectToXml(resp, outPath + FileName + ".xml");                       

Am i missing something or step?
Or what i need to do?
Could anyone to give me some suggestion?

Thank you very much.