Hello, we are a small Novell partner. Besides selling and installing several Novell packages in the past, we also participated in the CNS program to allow customers to get to know Novell via de 5-user NetWare Small Business 6.5 or 6.6 package.
We have always had weird things with the licenses though. We got each and every license mailed, and only some of them worked without problems. And when we had to re-install, we used an up-to-date service pack, and that caused problems to get the UNLOCK with PIN code done.
In which way can I find out :
a) if I'm making a technical error
b) if the license only sticks to 1 particular service pack number ? Some do only work till SP3 for example.
c) what we can do to get these installations going, as this will be the starting point for going towards OES Linux, with a virtualized Netware aside.
d) did we receive a wrong license file ?
e) some Novell staff told us that on Linux, the license should also give us access ? Is that true ?

Could you guide us on 1 sample installation, to figure out what is happening ?