I am attempting to retire and uninstall a ZCM 11.1 primary server. When I run ZenUninstall I get the following message:

This device is currently hosting the ZENworks Datastore. If you continue, all ZENworks services in this zone will stop responding. Are you sure you want to uninstall ZENworks from this device?

This was our original ZENworks Primary server and used the embedded Sybase database. Once we determined that it would not be sufficient for our environment we added 3 additional Primary servers and migrated the embedded database to an external MSSQL database. I am concerned that ZENworks still thinks the local datastore is in use and I want to be sure I won't break the zone when I retire the old primary server.

Does anyone know if there is a way to verify that uninstalling this server won't cause issues with the zone or if there are additional steps I need to follow to insure there aren't any issues?