Currently running GW 8.0.2hp2 on NetWare 6.5sp8.

We have a single domain and single post office, and a single WebAccess
and single GWIA gateway. We about 25 external domains setup to allow
using external users' e-mail addresses our in internal corporate address
books and distribution lists following the procedure outlined here:

The problem is that one of my internal users in our corporate domain/PO
has the same userid as a user in one of the external domain/PO's. So,
for example, their e-mail addresses are:

Everything works except that my internal user cannot use GW WebAccess.
Trying to login to WebAccess results in the following error:

"Please login again. You may have typed your name or password
incorrectly. Remember that your user name must be unique."

If I either change my internal user's GroupWise userid, or if I delete
or rename the external user's userid, then my internal user can login
into WebAccess without a problem. So this does appear to be due to
non-unique username's. The WebAccess is seeing the internal and
external user names, and not allowing my internal user to login.

Is there a work around for this since the users are in separate domains
and PO's, or do I need to just rename my internal user's account? I
have no control over the external user's e-mail address, so I can't
rename their userid.

Is there a way to keep the "default WebAcess" gateway from looking at
external domain's for user account authentication? I have tried setting
up a class of service in the WebAccess gateway to deny access to the
external domain, and that hasn't worked either.


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