Hello, GroupWise gurus. I recently upgraded our GroupWise 7.0.1 up to GW 8.0.3 hp1. Since then the server has been experiencing an ABEND that has me concerned; the server will lock and display a blue screen that shows a stack trace in yellow letters. I have to manually power-cycle the server. No abend log is left behind. I've taken a photo of the latest abend with my smartphone (link here.)

Here is a config report from the server. Here is the SYS$LOG.ERR file. Hardware is a DL380G7 with 25gb RAM. RAID 6 on an SA 410i controller.

Here are the facts.

1) Updated to GW 8.0.3 on Sunday, Dec. 16
2) On Tuesday, Dec. 18 I applied "GroupWise 8.0 SP3 Hot Patch 1 Netware Viewers x86-64 x86"
3) Server abended on the morning of Dec. 20
4) Server abended on the morning of Dec. 26
5) Server abended midday on Jan 03. Took a picture of the abend screen.
6) No abend.log file has been left by any of these abends

Quite frankly I'm baffled as to how to proceed to troubleshoot this issue and need some direction from others more qualified them myself. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

-Benjamin N. Hare