In ZENworks 11.2, the imaging boot CD environment no longer displays at an effective 80-column terminal size, but at a much higher column resolution apparently based on the actual display resolution. I've seen this a few times in earlier versions, depending on the exact boot CD involved, but with the boot ISO downloadable from a ZENworks 11.2 server it seems consistent.

We have at least one computer with a 27" monitor - a Dell U2711, which reportedly has a display resolution of 2560x1440. On that computer, when we boot into the ZENworks imaging environment and launch img, the display is messed up. Specifically, the gray "title bar" extends only about three-quarters of the way across the top of the screen instead of the entire screen width, and the various other display elements are jumbled about. I have a photograph of the screen, but I haven't gotten it into machine-accessible form yet.

It looks as if each one-character-high "line" of the displayed UI is shorter than the actual width of the screen. This would be fine if there were a "line break" after the end of the too-short line, but there isn't; instead, each new "line" is displayed beginning immediately after the previous one, i.e. continuing further to the right. As a result, display elements which are supposed to line up vertically (such as the "restore an image" dialog) do not do so, and instead are scattered about the screen.

I doubt there's any way to actually fix this without an updated version of img, but I at least wanted to report it so that such a fix can be incorporated into a future update. However, I would like to find a workaround if possible.

The only way to avoid this problem without a fix which I can think of would be to go back to the old "always use an 80-column terminal" display mode, but I don't know of any way to configure the boot ISO to do that. Does anyone know how to control that behavior, and/or know of any resources which might help me with that?