Let me start out saying that i have no experience with Novell products. I am a person starting a local business and in need for a email server. I have chosen GroupWise 8 for many different reasons. I have Windows Server 2003. GroupWise 8 has been deployed successfully. I am able to receive emails from the internet, but not send emails to the internet. I ether get a error 450 or 550 error. Thats all on the GWIA. I have made a route.cfg. I have no idea if I have the correct IP address of the domain I'm trying to send email to(E.G gmail.com) How could I find out the IP Address of a email domain so I could put in the route.cfg file? I tried doing the ping but no luck. I have everything setup correcly on the domain register side. So, could some please describe what those error codes above mean and how this problem could be fix. Any kind of help will be appreciated. Once again, i have not experience with GroupWise or Novell Products. I'm trying to train myself!