I'm trying to authenticate vab to a fresh installation of DSFW in an existing tree on OES11 SP1 (with latest patches), but vab failed to find the domain. I took a LDAP trace and it failed when it search for :
Filter: (&(objectClass=domain)(distinguishedName=dc=exampl e, dc=com))

I tried the ldap request manually and it finds no result. If I remove the space between "dc=example," and "dc=com", it works as expected. I verified the schema and distinguishedName is declared as SYN_DIST_NAME, which seems correct and should not care about spaces between commas. I tried with another attribute declared as SYN_DIST_NAME on eDirectory and it works as expected with or without spaces.

Is this a known bug of DSFW? What could I do to circumvent the problem?