Hi Guys and Girls,

Trying to fine my feet with vibe ... 1st on the agenda create a landing page, for our users without them needing to login, where notices will be "published/uploaded", instead of the communication guys sending these notices, sometime those attachments are 10mb big, to 13000 users, some of them behind 128k lines (yes you read correctly!!)..
so i created a landing page for guest, firt with "files" type, setup access control so that guest and ALL other users are only visitors, work great, users without login in will see my landing page only, BUT once a file is upload, they can comment, version etc etc ... this i dont want ....tried this to setup landing page with blog, same story users can comment etc etc .. they must ONLY be able to see the landing page, read the notice and that is it, no comments, no version /state nothing...read and view/download the attachment that is it, only a few users will be given access to post/upload notices..

Is this possible? ...

btw i am not very creative, so nobody got a nice looking landing/notice type of workspace lying around?

Kind Regards Thys