Good Morning. I am new to the forums and Novell Zenworks. I started at a school district that is using Zen 11, and I am having issues. Our main zen server is a Win 2003 Server. The satellite servers around the district are a mix of Win 2008 and 2008 R2. Here lies my problem.

If I try to deploy the agent TO a windows XP machine from a Server 2008 or a Server 2003 box I can deploy it just fine.
If I try deploying the agent TO a Windows 7 machine from Server 2008 I get an error regarding it cannot start remote service.
IF I try deploying to that exactly same Windows 7 Machine from our 2003 server, it will deploy fine, but so far I have had to manually register the client. It will attempt it, but it will just say in the server page registering devices.

On all the machines in question I can view the admin share and launch applications with PSEXEC remotely.

It seems as if a 2008 server tries communicating with a 7 machine, something between them isn't talking. I have tried firewalls off.