Strange issue:
ZCM Agent can´t login to ZCM 11.2.2 with a specific user.

MS Windows 7 SP1, Novell Client 2.2 ir5, ZCM Agent, eDirectory 8.8 SP7, DNS resolutions works fine.
The specific user account can do login to the eDirectory without problems, but the ZCM Agent login screen pops, because does not be able login to the ZCM 11.

Always with the same user, independently of the workstation.

All the other users work without problems.

After doing several actions, check the health of the eDirectory, reinstall CASA agent, test the LDAP communications , analyze the traffic, change the password of the account, modify permissions in the eDirectory, check the VLAN´s configuration, firewalls configurations and follow several recommendations of the forums the problem persisted.

Through a LDAP Browser tool we can see a lot of strange characters in the field "Description" of the account of the user

We change the field "Description" with iManager and the user account can do login to the ZCM 11 without problems.