We found a very strange issue:
ZCM Agent ceases dns resolution on first reboot after agent setup.

Here the steps to reproduce the issue:

Install windows 7 SP1 pro german on new computer, install Novell Client 2.2 ir5, test dns (ping www.novell.com), dns resolutions works fine.
Next install ZCM Agent (tested with agent versions from 11.2 up to current 11.2.2 MU2), reboot workstation to register in ZCM Zone.
If Agent Package is configured to resolve ZCM Server only via dns, register will fail. If Agent Package is configured to use dns names and ip address of ZCM Server to register it will work but ZCM Login will fail. Reason: dns resolution fails (ping www.novell.com or ping zcmserver.xxx.domain will fail, nslookup works fine).
If you reboot the workstation dns resolution is now working, so the ZCM Agent ceases on first reboot after installing the Agent dns resolution.

This issue is a show stopper for ZCM at our University because we are not able to setup ZCM unattended at the moment.

Werner Seifert
Johannes Kepler University Linz/Austria