I have a very frustrating issue with a single user on one of our post offices. For reasons unknown appointments sent to the user from Exchange 2010 appear as mail items instead of appointments within the mailbox. Other users on the same post office do not get the same issue. I have tried resetting the user's views and a full client reset via maintenance. I have set the user's client settings to be the same as another user who does not get the issue without any luck either. Maintenance checks on the account does not flag any errors. I'm pretty certain I'm missing something very simple, but alas I can not think what.

Software wise we're running client 8.0.1 on post office agent version 8.0.2. We seem to get the same results regardless of the Client version of outlook, (we have tried the web version and 2003 and 2010 of the client). Anything else I could try would be greatly appreciated.
Kind Regards