Is there a way to force bundles to launch AFTER the login script has completely processed?

Here's an simplified example of what I'm trying:
User Home directory mapped to drive H:
Bundles requirements: if H:\file.txt exists no
Bundle action: Create file H:\file.txt
(Basically, if H:\file.txt does not exist, launch the bundle to do something that ultimately creates file.txt)

The problem I'm seeing is that sometimes the login script has not finished when the bundle is launched. Since H:\ has not been mapped, file.txt does not exist and the bundle thinks it should launch. The bundle does launch, but doesn't work correctly since H:\ does not exist.

I suspect my assignment is is the issue, but I'm not sure what I should change it to. I only want this bundle to run at userlogin, not at any refresh interval. Here's my current assignment (assigned to a user group):

Distribution Schedule: None
Launch Schedule: ZENwork Login
Availability Schedule: None

Thanks for any input.