Running GW2012 SP1 on OES 11 SP1, physical servers, 2 nodes using NCS

We have started to experience issues with our GWIA, where as every couple of weeks the agent will stop processing messages and gwmon will fire off a bunch of link down and link up messages. When you go to the http admin portal, all the message queues will show a negative one (-1). The only way to fix the issue is to manually stop and then start the service at the command line (rcgrpwise stop gwia.domain & rcgrpwise start gwia.domain).

When I look at the logs I do notice errors like the following:

05:33:39 F2B7 Error - Unable to create send file
05:33:39 F2B7 MSG 25584260 Error: Fatal error processing message
05:33:39 F2B7 MSG 25584260 Deferred delivery file memory error -- message undeliverable


5:34:50 F477 The agent could not read this message from the message transport.
05:34:50 F477 Too many files open Error, error code = 820A.
05:34:50 F477 MSG 25562878 Deferred delivery file memory error -- message undeliverable.

Which reminds me of the issues I had in earlier version of GW 8 (this system was upgraded to 2012 SP1 from GW 8.x), where I had to modify the limit.conf file. I thought those issues were cleared up with GW8SP2 and haven't seen anything that references GW2012. The old modifications are still in place from before (never had a reason to remove them), there is also plenty of free space on the volume that this GWIA/Domain run off (NSS). Not sure where else to loo on this one.