I remember years ago when I used to tweak my ZFD 7 imaging engine and I was able to password protect certain menus.

We run an institution with students who are more and more tech savvy then ever, and this has become an issue with several realizing they can access our PXE menu system using CTRL+ALT

As it stands, after looking through several pages and several days worth of research, I've noticed that Novell's move to novell-tftp seems to have changed the way they allow menu editing.

The .CFG files seem to be the same standard, but even the pxelinux.txt file has been replaced with /srv/tftp/pxemenu.txt

The values are all separated by semi-colons, but in the example section I did not notice anything regarding password protecting a specific menu or .CFG.

Am I missing something? Is there something I can add to the .CFG files that would lock it down?

I have, as a strong example, a working bootable image for dban. As you can imagine, I don't want to give access to the 'auto-wipe' version of dban I setup to any student to wipe drives out in a lab environment. Does anyone know of a way to password protect the kernel as it loads up?

Thanks to anyone who can offer advice. I in turn can post what I've succeeded and in doing if someone needs that help.