(Running ZCM


I've been running into this problem quite often... my company's application deployment standards have us disable bundle uninstall options. The way we've been uninstalling bundles is by creating a separate bundle and then using the "Install" actions to uninstall every piece of whatever bundle we need uninstalled. However, I've noticed a rather annoying issue when I launch an action to uninstall MSIs through "Launch Executable".

I generally set up my action as follows:

Action Name:
Launch msiexec.exe (Uninstall APP_NAME)

Parameters: (where PRODUCT_CODE is the GUID)
/x {PRODUCT_CODE} /qn /norestart
Working Directory:

In the "Advanced" tab, if I choose "When action is complete" in the "Wait before proceeding to next action" group box, the uninstall will fail. It usually gives me the dreaded 1605 error code. If I select "No wait", msiexec is sometimes still running as other install actions occur (in other bundles).

How do I get around this? Anyone know any way to stop this from happening?

P.S. Sometimes I use "/x {PRODUCT_CODE} /passive" in my command parameters and it doesn't seem to make a difference.