I don't know if this is the same behavior as some users reportet in this
group (own appointments not shown in homeview - [Bug 796125]), but we have
an almost similar problem:

User 1 has proxy-rights (read) on all other user-calender and a
multiuser-calender with them included (also User 1 is member of the

If User 1 switches the proxy-view (I dont't know if it's called that way in
the English client, I mean the button on the top-left) to an other user,
the multiuser-calender is still visible (with all the users in columns),
but the appointments of User 1 are gone (but User 1 is still in the caption
of the columns). Even better, User 1 doesn't see his own appointments but
sees the appointments of the proxy-user he switched in his own column!

And the next problem: User 1 works most of the time in the other mailbox
(office), but wants to post own User 1-appointments in the
multiuser-calender. Until GW8 he could mark a timeperiod in his own column
and post an appointment. If he does this in GW2012, the appointment is
posted in the proxy account!

Very frustrating and realy not useable! Can anybody tell me, if this is a
bug or a feature?

If this is a feature, can anybody explain the advantage of this strange
behavior to me?