I am trying to add a menu item to execute a few commands, basically zisedit -c, img rp and reboot in the end. So I put together a small script and added it to initrd following the documentation ( altering initrd part that's it ). I have tried to follow this rather old writeup: Run Bash Scripts from the PXE Menu.

Everything goes fairly well until it is time to call my script which is done, apparently, by adding IMGCMD="runScript.s /bin/myscript.s" to a .cfg file. So runScript.s indeed starts but returns a couple of errors first followed by a few more errors from my own script .. Like I said mine is nothing spectacular, it is a few lines of text beginning with #!/bin/bash followed by zisedit and such ( I know each command is correct ).

I am wondering if that article still applies or maybe I am doing something wrong here and I need to take care of more things when adding my own menu item for imaging. I can not see any Novell doco on how to actually call a custom script added to initrd.