I'm not sure what even to search for to see if this has already been addressed. I hope it's pretty straight-forward for you to respond.

This concerns OES 2.0.3 only.

I have 3 servers with large NSS filesystems. The 3 filesystems were originally one but grew too large for various purposes, so we split them up. The directories are for different user departments to share among themselves and are mapped as G: for each account's department subdirectory.

Over time people from one group needed additional access to other dept G: drives and this led to spaghetti log-in scripts, etc., for i:, j:, k:, etc., drives. And what they want changes all the time. I'd like to keep the existing volumes and servers separate but mount each into a single mount point (on maybe a fourth server) to which every account will simply get mapped as G:, and they'll only see folders they have rights to, so no more spaghetti code and only access group memberships.

Is this possible? Where do I begin to look for help on this topic? ncpmount?