I encountered this in a lap a few weeks ago when trying to multicast from one Dell Optiplex 790 to another. After the 2nd attempt, I wrote it off and just decided to drop a generic image and manually update it.

However, now Im seeing it again and have determined its failing at the same directory. This time Im multicasting a batch of Dell Latitude E6530's.

When the image process reached programdata\SafeNet Sentinel\Sentinel RMS Development Kit\System\enq1uzr.tgz, the master reports "All client connections lost", and all of the clients error out. The 790's reached this same SafeNet Sentinel directory when they failed (I dont remember if it was the same file). SafeNet Sentinel is used for license managers, so it came with SPSS, Maple, or something like that...I'll narrow that down

But I was wondering if others had seen this, and how they handled it, other than not include it in the image?