I would like to migrate some cluster NSS resources running on NetWare and on physical disks to an new cluster environment also cluster but OES Linux (OES11) and new disks ...
Now, my concern is about the name of the resources because I must keep the same name in the new environment.

It seems that the migtool does have a way to "play" with cluster with two options: Follow Cluster Resource and Is*Cluster*Resource
In the doc, it says that Is Cluster Resource does not support the transfer ID.
Now, as far as I understand, the Transfer ID is more the server ID and not a cluster resource...

Looking at the other option Follow Cluster Resource ... it is just said that the migration performs uninterrupted migration when cluster resources migrate to different cluster nodes.
Nothing about the resource names ...

Does someone have already "play" this scenario (transfer of cluster resources including the same name) ?
Is the Follow Cluster Resource an option or is there another way ?

Tx for your help