I currently have 2 servers. One is running Netware 6.0sp5 and the other 6.5sp7. I am looking to replace the 6.0 server. I really haven't kept up with anything server related since I built the 6.5 server. I'm guessing that OES 11 is the way to go (I do have an OES2 license but never used it) but have some questions about hardware and keeping the existing 6.5 server and at least temporarily the 6.0 server.

What products are needed to do this besides OES 11 itself?

Will I still have IPX connectivity (believe it or not I still use DOS from time to time)

What are the backup options and can I backup the 6.5 server with them as well?

What hardware is supported? I had major issues going from 6.0 to 6.5 due to almost all SATA chipsets being unsupported by Netware at the time. I don't want to run into those kind of hardware issues again. Can I use any server boards and RAID controllers or are only specific manufactures supported? Are 3TB (and larger) drives supported or is the limit still 2TB? Really for a small network what kind of processor, and how much memory is needed?

Just some simple background on the existing network. The only thing I am using the current servers for right now other then file storage is http and ftp access. I had some I did also run arcserve for backup on the 6.0 server but lightning took care of that along with most of the 6.0 server. Currently backing up to removable hard drives on a workstation but would love to have backups on the server again. I am the only user on the network but have about 10 systems most running XP. Plans for the new server are for it taking over the web services.