Hi all,

I'm using novell-named and this is a fresh install of OES11SP1. When I start novell-named I get an error :"Unable to lock file /etc/nam.conf. Permission denied".

On a different thread, it was suggested that I setup the Runtime Credentials. I'm not sure if I did it correctly - the documentation seems to imply setting up another user object (?), while KB Doc 7006446 suggests using cn=admin. I used cn=admin and executed the commands as suggested in Doc 7006446, but I am still getting that error.

This is just an annoyance for now, because DNS queries are being serviced correctly on my network. Not sure if it will cause any weirdness later. The Java Management Console has some weirdness though, but that is the subject of another thread.

Thanks in advance if someone out there knows how to resolve the error!