I have a primary domain and post office in one city. Consoleone, shows them on my NSS volumes as /media/nss/MAIL/groupwise/domain and /media/nss/MAIL/groupwise/po

I created a new domain for another city, and gave it UNC pathing \\portland\MAIL\groupwise\domainnc. It did create the domain in eDirectory, but made a file structure under /mnt called /mnt/portland/MAIL/groupwise/domainnc. Not sure about what was going on with that, I copied the directory structure and all the files from there to the proper location of the portland server, started the domain and it fired up. Both domains showed that each other was up, communicating presumably entirely by IP.

I loaded ConsoleOne on the portland server and can see both domains.

So far so good.

When I created the new portland post office on the primary domain server, it did the exact same thing, making a /mnt/portland/MAIL/groupwise/ponc file structure, which again I copied to the portland server.

when I fired up the post office on the portland server, it did start and sat there looking like a post office (I did the --show option in linux), however none of the domains seem to recognize that there is a running post office. In fact, my domain in portland doesn't even know that it has a post office. It says that it sees another domain, but that it has 0 post offices configured so far. Consoleone on the portland server does not show a post office for portland.

ConsoleONe on the primary groupwise server does show the post office or I should say did, last friday. Today (Sunday) it's not there anymore.

I suspect my problem has something to do with mounting the file system of the portland server on the primary domain/post office server, but I'm unclear how those commands work.

Also, I'm unclear as to why I really need that if everything communciates via TCP/IP. Seems like it's only the portland server that physically needs to know about the post office physical file location. When I try using unc pathing (i.e. \\server\volume\location) ConsoleOne changes it to /mnt/server/volume/location.

Trying to find a concise document on this, but haven't found it yet.

Any ideas?