Hello All,

I am working toward setting up Samba and moving to a clientless environment. The first step I am attempting is to connect to our backup directory on our file server. It is a Linux ext3 partition. I have installed Samba, added the folder as a share and added myself as a user. I can see the server on the network from my PC but when I try to access it, it asks for a username and password even though my account has been added to the Samba users. When I type my username and password it simply re-prompts me for the credentials. Maybe I am missing a piece in the authentication or security. I did verify that I do have a universal password setup and I am in the admin role so I think security should not be the issues. That partition is a ext3 volume setup on the OS not an NSS volume though. Maybe that is the issue?

Any pointers?

Daniel Joaquin